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Management Policy

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1.Basic Management Policy

The Senshukai Group’s corporate philosophy is to “contribute to society by providing customers with outstanding products and services.” Senshukai works together with its shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and all other stakeholders to enhance corporate value and mutual prosperity.

2. Key Performance Indicators

In the medium- to long-term management plan “Innovate for Smiles 2018” (Fiscal Year 2014 through Fiscal Year 2018), we aim to build a solid and distinct position in the mail-order market which is expected to continue growing while pro-actively developing new businesses appropriate to our corporate vision “Women's Smiles Company.” Specifically, our target for Fiscal Year 2018 are consolidated net sales of 187 billion yen, operating income of 10 billion yen, and a return on equity of 10%. Going forward, we aim to enhance corporate value by striving for more unified group management, boosting growth, and constructing a solid earnings foundation.

3. Medium-to Long-term Corporate Management Strategy and Issues

The Senshukai Group recognizes corporate governance as an essential element in fulfilling its social responsibility to various stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and local communities. In view of the significance of building a highly transparent management system and ensuring that it functions effectively, the Group strives to clarify the oversight responsibilities of its directors, strengthen its compliance system, and make timely, accurate, and full information disclosure toward fortifying corporate governance.