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Corporate Philosophy

Senshukai Corporate Philosophy (Mission statement)

Corporate philosophy

Contributing to society is the purpose of the company's existence.
Only by staying committed to this truth can the company prosper.

Senshukai ideal

For the company to prosper, the significance of contributing to society
must be learned through experience and put into practice by each employee.
Having prospered, the company can bring material happiness
and non-material security to all employees.

Senshukai policy

Employees must strive consistently to deliver fine products and services,
upholding the belief that gain comes as a result of contributing to society.
Under no circumstances should an employee act solely for the pursuit of gain

Company outline

senshukai "Women’s Smailes Company"

Smiles are creator of happiness. A smile on one face, and then another, is apromise of a brighter tomorrow. Senshukai is a company that delivers smiles to women's daily lives, and by doing so, makes the world happy.

※ "Women's Smiles Company" is our vision ,
which was established in 2011 on the basis of the corporate philosophy.