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Last Update:2020/05/27

We will return to the origin of customer capital and tackle drastic structural reform of mail order business. Mr. Kajiwara Kenji, President and Representative Director

I would like to express my gratitude to all our shareholders for their continued support.

At present, our group is making it a top priority to recover from our severe performance up to last year. We are strengthening our management base, and in order to improve our corporate value, have taken the following six drastic measures: optimization of the scale of operation centered on the mail-order and online shopping business, operational reform, restructuring of the customer attraction model at the catalog starting point, review of the organization and personnel structure, cost reduction and asset disposal, and reorganization of the group companies. With these, we are making progress in business structural reform.

In 2019, the first year of the plan, in order to reconstruct the revenue base, we focused on operational reform and strengthening product appeal, and a new marketing strategy formulation to rebuild the membership base. As a result, due to the optimization of the scale of operation in the mail-order and online shopping business, and the effects of the consolidated scope exclusion of affiliated subsidiaries, revenue was 89,150 million yen. Due to business structural reforms, such as overall cost optimization and cuts, including procurement side reforms and inventory reduction, we strengthened our revenue base, and we returned to profitability with an operating profit of 772 million yen. For details, please refer to the December 2019 summary of accounts, released on February 13th.
From now on, through the assured execution of various reform measures, we will construct a strong revenue base, regrow, and strive to improve results and stability.
In areas other than the mail-order and online shopping business, we will further strengthen the bridal business, which offers good value relating to the life event of marriage, the childcare support business, which centers on nursery management to improve the happiness of women who are raising children, and the mail-order and online shopping support corporation business. Through this, we will create synergy with the mail-order and online shopping business.

Senshukai Group will continue to be a “Womens' Smiles Company”, or a company which brings happiness to women. Senshukai was established in 1955. Throughout its 65 years, it has developed its business to be close to women at each of their life stages of working, marriage and childbirth, etc. From now on, we will not just be a mail-order and online shopping business which sells products. We aim to become a “comprehensive lifestyle proposal-type company” which offers lifestyles and brings smiles to the faces of women through its products and services.
Through this, we will maximize the existence value of Senshukai in our customers’ lives, and come together as one group to build a long continuous relationship with our customers. We will also connect this to the improvement of Senshukai’s sustainable corporate value.

I ask for your continued support and encouragement.

Kenji Kajiwara
President and Representative Director
March 2020