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Message from the President

Since the Beginning and Forever, Senshukai Will Continue to Be a Company that Makes Women Smile

ウーマン スマイル カンパニー senshukai

Since its establishment in 1955, Senshukai has consistently developed businesses intimately connected to women’s various life stages, such as employment, marriage and childbirth. Going forward, Senshukai will provide products and services that support women in their diverse array of lifestyles to make as many women smile as possible.

We are not just a mail-order company that simply sells "goods". We aim to become a company proposing a lifestyle that is constantly fresh and exciting, by combining "commodities, creativity and service" full of commitment and originality.

With a synergistic effect of "Goods" and "Service", we will aim to become a company that is more supportive to the milestones of women's life.

We are developing business including bridal and nursery school so that change is the diversity and the most important thing in women's life, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing period can be spared with a smile、"Womens' Smiles Company."

January. 2018 Hiroyuki Hoshino President and Representative Director