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Mail-order Business

Last Update:2017/02/02


Catalog business In the catalog business, we provide customers with lifestyle ideas in a wide variety of genres through a range of catalogs and the online shop “Belle Maison Net.” We also develop many original products that focus on Senshukai style.
The hanpukai business employs an original, unique sales model differing from other mail-order companies whereby original goods are delivered monthly to all group and individual members, mainly working women.

Market Environment

Overview of Direct Marketing in Japan

Overview of Direct Marketing in Japan

In FY2015,direct marketing net sales rose 5.9% year-on-year to \3.600 billion,a \290 billion increase compared to the previous fisical year in value terms.Since recording a contraction in FY 1998,this is the sixteenth straight year to growth,anaverage growth rate of 6.9% during the past 10 years.

Market Forecast for Consumer Internet-order Sales

Market Forecast for Consumer Internet-order Sales

According to the Nomura Research Institute,the business-to-consumer e-commerce(B2C EC)market is expected to double in size from \15.4 trillion in FY2015 to \26 trillion in FY2022.This growth will be driven by the spread of mobile digital devices providing access to EC anytime,anyplace.

Management plan

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