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About Dividends

  • Last Update:2016/02/04
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Policy on dividends

The Group’s basic policy is to strengthen the business foundation while maintaining stable dividends, taking into consideration the payout ratio, and ensuring a fair distribution of earnings to shareholders that reflects its business performance.
Specifically, the Group’s policy regarding the distribution of earnings to shareholders is to strive continuously for a payout ratio of 30% on a consolidated basis. The Group will use internal reserves to invest in the development of new businesses for the medium to long term, to promote the efficiency of existing businesses, to conduct mergers and acquisitions for expanding the Group businesses, to improve the soundness of its financials, and to generally further strengthen its competitiveness and operations.
Based on the aforementioned policies, regarding dividends in Fiscal Year 2016, we plan to pay a total annual dividend of 8 yen per share comprised of an interim dividend of 4 yen per share and a year-end dividend of 4 yen per share, based on the earnings outlook.

Dividend per share