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Senshukai group’s business

Sales by business segment

Senshukai Group’s businesses are largely divided into the catalog business, the bridal buisiness, and other businesses.
The following is a breakdown of sales by business segment.

Breakdown of sales by business segment
breakdown of sales by business segment

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Hanpukai business

Hanpukai is Senshukai’s original business model in which we deliver products periodically, on a monthly basis, to group and individual members centering on women working at offices. The sales method is different from other companies Email order businesses.

We offer a wide variety of collectible items focusing on sundries and foods, many of which are highly original and cannot be found on the market.

As of 2013, the hanpukai business comprises 5.9% of all Senshukai Group sales.

Hanpukai business (Monthly Club)
hanpukai business (monthly club)

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Catalog business

Catalog mail order business

In the catalog business, we propose various lifestyles along with products that focus on Senshukai style through 14 different types of catalogs.

Since its launch in 1976, we have delivered products ranging a variety of genres from fashion accessories centering on clothing to interior goods, daily sundries, maternity goods and even children’s clothing, and gained support from customers as “the concierge for daily living. Everyday we collaborate with various creators, lifestyle leaders and companies to develop original products that cannot be found on the market.

As of 2013, the catalog business comprises 83.5% of all Senshukai Group sales.

Online and retail store business -the pursuit of synergy-

The online shop Belle Maison Net sells nearly all the products featured in our catalogs from the date of catalog publication. It also carries products exclusive to Belle Maison Net, which are not featured in the catalog, and makes special seasonal and trend-oriented proposals to customers.

At present, online sales total 83.1 billion yen, comprising 71% of the catalog business.Online sales in which no catalog number is entered total 69.6 billion yen.

Belle Maison retail stores currently focus on a concept that draws directly from the Kurasu Fuku brand into Kurasu Fuku shops. These shops are a venue for customers who until now only had an image of our products through the catalogs to handle and derive satisfaction from the actual products, and for new customers to get to know our company. We aim for synergy between the different sales channels.

Hanpukai business (Monthly Club)

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Bridal business

We made Dears Brain Inc.,our subsidiary in 2008.Dears Brain Inc.,opens stores focusing on local regions and succeeded in producing strong results by managing the mansion-type bridal bussiness.We currently run a guest house of 16 stores.We seek further development in the years ahead.

As of 2013, bridal bussiness comprises 7.6% of all Senshukai Group sales.

Bridal business

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Corporate customers business

Drawing on our more than half-century of business expertise, we offer total consultation services to help corporate customers grow and expand. We combine Senshukai’s diverse services to provide support from multiple angles such as utilizing customer data to develop and market new products, building mail order systems from order acceptance to logistics and reducing costs, and streamlining call centers that interact with customers.

As of 2013, corporate bussiness comprises 2.7% of all Senshukai Group sales.

corporate customers business

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Other businesses

Senshukai’s other businesses include services comprising mainly insurence service and credit card-related.

As of 2013, the other business comprises 0.3% of all Senshukai Group sales.

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